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Lighting Lab About

Established in 1980, Lighting Lab has become a well known and respected business within the entertainment industry. From humble beginnings over 40 years ago, we have expanded into one of the largest production equipment hire companies in Australia today.

Originally supplying lighting equipment for local and national bands, continued growth and success over the years has allowed us to expand into all areas of event production. From school and theatre shows, nightclubs to live bands, as well as television and corporate events, Lighting Lab now supplies to a wide range of customers, from the first time user right through to the professional level.

An integral part of our growth has been the success of the Rehearsal Studios. Although often thought of as a separate entity, the Rehearsal Studios are an equally important component of the company that has been evolving since the early years. Commencing with the construction of the first studio in 1982, we now have a total of eight studios that are as popular as ever.

In 2005 we made the decision to branch out in to the world of audio. This enabled customers to hire all of their lighting and audio equipment from the one outlet and marked the start of an exciting new era for everyone involved, but it soon became apparent that we would need a larger warehouse, and in 2006 we had the unique opportunity to build a brand new warehouse in the same street. Plans were put in place to relocate the Hire Department to 9 / 10 Clarice Road, Box Hill South, whilst the studios would continue to operate from the original premises at 16 Clarice Road, Box Hill South. The project itself took over 2 years of careful planning and a massive amount of hard work, but the end result was well worth it.

More recently we made the natural progression in to AV and have since become one of the largest suppliers of LED Screens in Australia. With over 2000 x LED Panels (500sq mtrs) available for hire, we are able to supply various panel options, both indoor and outdoor which are suitable for a wide range of applications including Concerts, Festivals, Theatre, Corporate and Sporting events just to name a few.

So, after years of hard work and a wealth of experience, we here at Lighting Lab are looking forward to a bright and exciting future, and whilst it is clear to see that much has changed over the years, there is one thing that has always remained the same, and that has been our one single objective, to provide ‘the latest technology at Australia’s best prices’, giving our customers the quality and service they deserve.

Services include

  • Hire and Sale of Lighting, LED Screens and Audio Equipment
  • Delivery and Pickup
  • Design and Supply of Light Shows
  • Design and Supply of LED screens
  • Technicians and Crew if required
  • Rehearsal Studios