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As one of the most professional fog machine, H-7 is a virtually massive fog producer delivers a powerful fog to create the best atmospheric effect. It equips with “Immediate-Stop” patented technology, electronic temperature control system, high precision temperature control PCB and brand new professional fog generator. Built-in LCD control panel enable timing and quantitative work, adjustable fog output. It’s capable of voluminous output, even and odour free. Fill up a venue within very short time. Smooth and stable smoke even at 1% output.

  • Large Smoke Machine
  • Power: 3000w
  • Weight: 27 Kg
  • Size: 330 x 640 x 210mm

COVID - 19 Update
Important Notice: Due to the extended COVID 19 restrictions now in force in Victoria, Lighting Lab Rehearsal Studios will be closed until 26th Oct 2020, and the Lighting Lab office will remain closed until further notice. If you wish to speak to a team member during this period, our phones will be manned remotely Mon – Fri : 9am – 5.30pm. Or, if you prefer, we can still be contacted via email. We wish all of our customers the very best during this difficult time, and look forward to brighter days ahead. Until then, stay safe… and take care of each other.